Substance use and drug addiction treatment is possible. Mental health and behavioral health treatment options for those suffering from alcohol abuse, prescription medication addiction, and other drug addictions. Recovery from addiction is possible. We can help.
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The All In Behavioral Health team provides a full continuum of psychiatric, outpatient counseling, and sober living services for those recovering from substance use or addiction. We provide the roadmap based on proven, evidence based programming, delivered in a safe and supportive environment. Our clinical teams and our residence teams understand the process, can navigate the challenges, and have the experience to help enact real change. We approach the recovery process by connecting with our clients to figure out how we can bring meaning, purpose, and joy back into their lives or enhance their progress. Our goal is to provide accountability in an empowering and respectful way, and be a mentor in the journey to full independence. We understand what substance use can take and we know the positive change recovery can bring. We believe recovery is possible.

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meet the team

We are a group of behavioral health professionals driven by purpose. Our teams deliver an evidence based client experience in an engaging, empowering, and relevant way. We understand that every person is different and we embrace that. Each member of our team has experienced the impact of substance use in a different way.  Those experiences inspire our shared passion for guiding others to create productive, balanced and substance free lives. We are an educated, credentialed, and diverse team that share the common mission to help guide positive change the lives of others.

Luke Peck
Michael Maddaloni
Allen Masry, M.D.
Dan Caro
Jordan Weiess
Ryan Higgins
Stephanie Santiago

our philosophy

Every person and organization has a unique way of doing things or way of looking at the world. We do too! Our philosophy forms the basis for how we operate, how we treat our clients and associates, and what we hope to create in the world. We treat those we interact with how we would like to be treated, and how we would like those we love to be treated.  Our framework is based on the concept of giving back, treating others with kindness and respect, and ultimately building a better tomorrow than yesterday.

Client Centered Care

Our clients deserve the highest quality of individualized mental health and substance use treatment based on their individual needs.

Respect and Compassion

We believe our clients, employees, and associates deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and understanding.


We believe in providing a network of treatment options in a safe and supportive environment.


We believe in empowering our clients and staff to be their best and most productive and healthy self.

Evidence Based Care

Our health care professionals focus on providing clinical care that is science and evidence based.

Power of Community

We believe developing healthy relationships and a sense of community are foundational to sustained success in sobriety.

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Phone: +1-855-762-3796
4875 park ridge blvd., 103, Boynton Beach, FL 33426

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