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As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, we want to keep you informed about how we are addressing these concerns. The health and safety of our All In Behavioral Health Community is paramount to all that we do.

Although there are no reports of Coronavirus at our centers, the staff at All In Behavioral Health is prepared to address any potential cases. We are monitoring the directives and guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, as well as local health officials. Because of our dedication to medical excellence, All In Behavioral Health is already uniquely prepared and positioned to manage the spread of infectious diseases with well-established practices, policies, and procedures. In the unlikely event that an outbreak occurs at one of our centers, we maintain strong and active relationships with local hospitals and acute care providers, should a patient or staff member require a higher level of care.

All In Behavioral Health’s centers continue to serve the patients and families who need us now more than ever. That being said, we are taking an abundance of caution when it comes to protecting our patients, their families, our alumni and our staff. We are implementing some additional safety precautions for our programs and events.

Here Are Some Important Updates


Prior to admission to any All In Behavioral Health Center, all potential patients are asked pre-screening questions about recent travel, flu-like symptoms, and their contact with individuals who are confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19. However, because family involvement is essential to all that we do, we are working on solutions to make sure that families continue to be involved in the care of their loved ones, such as increasing phone and conference calls.


All In Behavioral Health in New Jersey and Florida– We continue to offer our full range of services and most of our support groups are continuing to meet as scheduled. The situation is fluid and we will update you if anything changes. We ask that anyone who is feeling unwell, has flu-like symptoms or has been in contact with anyone who is suspected of having COVID-19 to refrain from visiting our regional locations.


All In Behavioral Health is connected to support groups throughout the nation. Some regions are under tighter restrictions than others. At this time, most Alumni, Parent, Family and Fellowship Support Groups will continue to meet. When participating in these meetings, we encourage attendees to practice “social distancing” by maintaining 4 ft. of personal space and refraining from shaking hands, hugging and hand-holding. Your Regional Alumni Coordinator can answer any additional questions and will be in touch with any changes in schedule or cancellations.

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As the situation around COVID-19 continues to evolve, we want to keep you informed about how we are staying prepared across all our locations.Click Here to Learn More
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